Math Trek is a mathematics, movement and photography game. Participants explore their towns and communities, start noticing mathematics everywhere, and grow their math eyes!

Until we move everything to this site, you can find many Trek materials at the wiki.

Natural Math and the Math Trek program are founded and facilitated by Dr. Maria Droujkova. Maria has more than fifteen years of experience developing programs and courses for helping people learn mathematics. She is the founder of multiple online educational communities, including Natural Math network and Math Future interest group, and an active member of many online educator networks. Maria has MS in Applied Mathematics from Tulane University and PhD in Mathematics Education from NCSU. Her studies in teacher education, early advanced mathematics and mathematical game design have been supported by grants, and published and presented nationally and internationally.
Laura Combs, homeschooling parent and Natural Math participant since 2008, assists with the coordination of Natural Math programs. Because of Laura’s family’s involvement with Natural Math, their family math culture has grown exponentially and they greatly enjoy naturally finding math every day. Laura is dedicated to growing the awareness and involvement in Natural Math and similar programs.